Friday, August 10, 2012

Note to Our Readers, in August

Please be patient with us as we deal with the untimely death of an esteemed friend and colleague of ours. The summer of 2012 has not been too kind to us here at von Clausewitz'Wit, between death, divorce and other somewhat disturbing issues and we felt it was time to take a step back in order to put life into a better perspective. But we will continue to update our pages menu and try to cover other issues with the limited staff we have available for the next week. We do apologize for our forced absence but we will be back in another week with newfound vigor and strategic insight, we promise.

Divorce can be a very taxing and disappointing thing. When one puts years of energy into something only to have that attempt squandered into meaninglessness, it makes a man question his true place in the world. But as disconcerting as divorce is, it merely touches the cornerstone of life's challenges and cannot rightfully compare with the permanence of death. When someone close to you dies, it tends to bring everything into perspective. Nothing can be so demoralizing and cruel than the death of a loved one due to unforeseen circumstances. Whereas divorce ends one part of a life and abruptly commences a different version, death has no such variety. As much as we try to prepare ourselves for it, we are ultimately consumed by its abruptness and permanence when it rears its ugly head. And then divorce doesn't seem half as tragic anymore.

Yet these are some of life's horrible outcomes that we are forced to confront from day to day. Its a hollowness and pain that can drain the vitality of the most energetic person. When these two tragedies are lumped together in nearness of time, it makes recovery all that more challenging. But recover we must because our own eternal calling might still be years away. So please bear with us as we grieve a special life, a once promising marriage and a truly unique relationship with both.